Better Mind NP

This online psychiatric practice began as "Focused Mind Psychiatry" with a service tailored to diagnosing and treating ADHD.  We have always paid careful attention to all mental health conditions and decided our focus needs to expand to meet the needs of our community. Our mission is to treat all mental health conditions,  including diagnosing and treating ADHD in adults.  We provide accessible care using telemedicine appointments. We are now a full service psychiatric practice and want our name to represent our mission!

Mental Health Treatment Virtual Appointments.

Dedicated to Stigma-Free, Judgment-Free Care.

We are dedicated to providing stigma-free, compassionate care, and judgment-free discussions about all types of mental health conditions. Our mission is increasing access to mental health care and decreasing the stigma of mental illness. 

I have been going in circles trying to get a correct diagnosis and a treatment plan because all I knew my brain was not working the way it was supposed to and it was affecting my life. Lana completely understood my isssues.

Rachel in NYC

NP Zak listened to my experience with compassion and understanding. She was excellent at communicating my options and the strengths and weaknesses of certain treatments. 

Leah in Brooklyn

 If you have a busy schedule and want the process of seeing a physician and receiving prescriptions made easy, then I fully endorse NP Zak as my experience with her has been far superior than my initial expectations.

Micheal in Brooklyn

I have had a five star experience with NP Zak and would 100% recommend her to anyone else that is seeking ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment.  She listened to me with compassion and understanding.

Gina in NYC